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Wellness Exams

Your pet’s health matters! Here at Follow Your Heart Animal Hospital we are focused on the health of your beloved pets. Which starts with your pet’s Wellness Exams! Wellness exams are the foundation for the health and longevity of your pet. During the exam, the veterinarian will examine your pet and discuss any abnormalities. Your pet’s wellness exam gives the veterinarian a chance to recognize potential diseases or abnormalities in the early stages, before they develop into big problems. And it’s a great time for you to chat about preventative care, food choices, mild concerns, behavior changes or things to keep an eye out for.


Exam $54.00
Second Pet Exam $47.85

Vaccine Exam $39.00

*We are by appointment. We are currently not accepting Walk-in.

Heartworm Test $38.51
Toe Nail Trim $16.82
Anal Gland Expression $21.99

Fecal Ova and Parasites + Giardia $70.93

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