Meet The Staff

Dr. Eric Roberts

Dr. Roberts comes to us with 22 years of experience in all aspects of veterinary care.  He is also a gifted surgeon who shares our vision of compassionate care at affordable prices.  We could not be more pleased that he chose us!  At a time when it seriously takes years to find a dedicated vet, the universe brought us together to do great things for the animals of Arizona.  We are truly dedicated to change what veterinary medicine looks like by taking 100% of our “profit” and putting it back into saving more animals and keeping our prices reasonable.  Dr. Roberts is the epitome of devotion to the non profit and we know under his compassionate heart, that we will flourish. 

Tracey Nelson

Tracey comes to us with almost 15 years on a mobile unit specializing in high volume, low cost alters, dentals, and many other surgical procedures.  Tracey was very active in the rescue world and has “saved”  hundreds of animals herself!  We are so grateful this beautiful soul also “chose” us to continue her mission of providing compassionate, affordable care.  Her laughter and her smile will bring much needed light and love to our hospital.  

Sujaida Barraza

Sujaida has been a Vet Technician for 16 years now . She loves helping and taking care of pet's. She enjoy surgeries and doing dentals the most. She recently started school for Medical coding and Billing. On her time off, she likes to spend time with her husband and boy's.

Felicia Shepard

I started off with a passion for animals very young and always knew what I would end up working with animals in my future. Naturally I attracted all the strays or brought home all the animals I could convince my parents to let me have. When I was 8 I began volunteering with my aunt doing catch and release with AZ cats. From there I continued going into work with her and volunteering school summers to learn about small animal clinics. In high school I joined FFA for 2 years to learn more about large animals and livestock in general and I have been a vet tech for 5 years now with many more years to come. Felicia